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Owning a premium domain name can be a powerful asset for a business. It can increase brand recognition, establish credibility, and improve search engine rankings. A premium domain name can also enhance marketing efforts and provide a competitive advantage by making it easier for customers to remember and find a business online. Ultimately, a premium domain name can help drive traffic and boost sales, leading to greater success and growth for a business.



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It’s no secret that domain names are unique assets, much like real estate properties. And just like properties, no two domains are created equal. Take for instance, a domain that only we have exclusive rights to use. This is precisely why valuable dot-com domains come at a steep price. Most of the highly-coveted domains are already taken, making them highly sought after in the aftermarket.

To give you a glimpse of just how much people and businesses are willing to shell out for these virtual properties, we’ve compiled a list of the most expensive domain names ever sold. The information was gathered from various public sources and ranked by their sale price. It’s worth noting, however, that private transactions that occur on a daily basis aren’t included in this list. Experts estimate that up to 75% of domain sales happen privately. After all, discretion is often a must for high-end buyers. Also, domains sold as part of a pre-existing website or business aren’t accounted for in this list.

Top 20 Domain Name Sales From Around The World.

Rank Domain Name Sales Price Date Sold News Source
1 $90,000,000 2005 Forbes
2 $49,700,000 2010 CNN Money
3 $35,600,000 2010 CNN Money
4 $35,000,000 2007 TechCrunch
5 $30,180,000 2012 Business Insider
6 $30,000,000 2019 MicroStrategy
7 $18,000,000 2009 Domain Name Wire
8 $17,000,000 2015 Business Insider
9 $16,000,000 2009 Forbes
10 $12,000,000 2008 Business Insider
11 $13,000,000 2010 DN Journal
12 $11,000,000 2001 CNET
13 $9,500,000 2007 The Independent
14 $8,888,888 2015 Domain Name Wire
15 $8,500,000 2010 Mashable
16 $8,000,000 2019 DN Journal
17 $7,500,000 2006 Domain Name Journal
18 $7,000,000 2004 The Guardian
19 $6,000,000 2011 Domain Name Wire
20 $5,880,000 2004 BusinessWeek

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